Touphema Tourist Village


The Touphema Tourist Villageis one of the ancient heritage villages of Nagaland and is a wonderful recreation of a traditional AngamiNaga village. It is setup with cabins and rooms that have been built to look like traditional huts / cottage.
Travelers who choose to stay here get an opportunity to get an insight into the Naga social system along with culture and governance by visiting the village. A short walk around the village can transport one way back in time when you see all around you how Naga tribes have existed all through the centuries, till date. Visitors are also invited to tease their palates with some popular Naga delicacies, likeGhalo and Bamboo Baked Fish along with Rice Beer (that’s what I’m talking about!) at the village. The AngamiSekrenyi annual festivalis celebrated with great fervor in the village in the month of February. It’s always more than worth the visit this time of the year.

Most of the traditional village buildings have their roofs made of corrugated iron without chimneys to release the smoke from the internal cooking fires. Probably one of the reasons why there is always a lingering smell of it in the air.
Situated on a gentle hillock with a panoramic view of the surrounding valleys, Touphema offers a chance to stay in quaint little huts, enjoy pleasant evenings around bonfireswith cultural dances just adding to rustic feel of the entire place. The scenic locales offer some of the best photo opportunities there are and the Naga tradition of serving local dishes with homemade rice beer is just super!

A recently refurbished Museum inside the village offers an extensive ethnographic collection including wood carvings, musical instruments, textiles, handicrafts traditional artifacts, jewellery and archaeological finds.
While the village itself seems quite traiditonal, it does offer basic comforts for its guests. So when you book one of these huts, you can expect a room done up in a way that showcases Naga history, traditions and ancient myths. The huts are spread out well enough to offer some privacy and each is based on a different theme.


Photo Gallery

  • Restaurant at Touphema
    Restaurant at the scene of Touphema Tourist village
  • Resting Shed at Touphema
    Resting Shed at Touphema Tourist Village
  • traditional huts at Touphema
    Model traditional huts at Touphema Tourist Village

How to Reach :

By Air

Nearest Airport is in Dimapur, Nagaland

By Train

Nearest Railway Station is in Dimapur, Nagaland

By Road

From Kohima HQ to Touphema Tourist Village is 36 Kms and Taxi service is available from Kohima